WORKZONE HAS A TEAM OF EXPERIENCED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLANNERS located in both South Australia and Northern Territory.

All planners have experience working as traffic controllers to ensure the solutions they create work in the real world. We keep abreast of all standards and regulations including the requirements and restrictions for DIT permits and various City Council permitting idiosyncrasies.

The more detail our clients provide to our planners, the better we can plan. After 15 years, we understand most of the industry terms and jargon, and we can read and understand your project drawings.

Visit the Workzone Territory website for more details regarding traffic management in the Northern Territory.
Workzone Territory

Details of a Traffic Management Plan

A traffic management plan documents how risks will be managed at worksite and may include:

  • A job summary
  • Contact details of key personnel
  • A traffic guidance scheme describing how to control the movement of traffic and pedestrians affected by the worksite activity using approved temporary traffic control devices
  • A traffic guidance scheme for after hours (aftercare)
  • Approvals for the event and road closures from police and road authorities
  • The general arrangements to warn and guide traffic around, past or within an event site
  • Travel paths for vehicles including entries and exits and routes for special or heavy vehicles
  • Pedestrian routes
  • Monitoring and controlling site access provided to site delivery vehicles
  • Parking arrangements including over-flow parking
  • Provisions for people with disabilities e.g. ramps at entries and exits
  • The responsibilities of traffic controllers in the workplace
Our traffic control plans will be developed in accordance with Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) SA Standards for Workzone Traffic Management, Australian Standards, Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management (AGTTM), local government requirements and other relevant regulations.

Workzone Traffic Control will liaise with you, to understand your needs and coordinate consultation with other parties, to ensure that your project is delivered safely.

For Traffic Management, please call our office on 1300 768 657, our friendly staff will be sure to assist.


Traffic Control

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Workzone has a team of experienced traffic management planners at South Australia and Northern Territory
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